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April Third Studios, Inc.
Elusion 2-Disc Special Edition (DVD & CD)
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Detailed Description

Featuring: Terry Adams, Chris Anderson, J.F. Boulianne, Pete 
Brandt, Ruben Castillo, Stephan Cerra, Chadwick, Travis Collier, Andy 
Cooper, Zack Demboske, Adam DiClaudio, Scott Ditchfield, Jon Dowker, 
Cory Fester, Jeff Foster, Aaron Frost, Mickey Gaidos, Stephen Hearn, 
David Impallari, Shayne Khajehnoori, Carey Matthews II, Kent Pearson, 
Nathan Penonzek, Adam Pergentile, Chris Pergentile, Jesse Puente, 
Will Redd, Brian Rybak, Dickey Sanders, Andre Smith, Day Smith, Ross 
Smith, Cory Stratychuk, Tex Thayer, Bob Walter, Dave Weathersby, 
Scott Weaver, Gabe Weed, Andrew Wickham, Matt Wilhelm, Roman Wilson, 
Chris Woodling and Alex Worden

Certification: USA: G
Bonus Features (DVD): DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks, 
deleted scenes, interview with composer Matilda and a commentary track.

Track Listing (CD):
1. Lumières d'Octobre
2. Barrier
3. Orchestration
4. Osmosis
5. A New Classification
6. Outer Layer
7. In The Window
8. Dark Intro
9. A Mess
10. French Horn Delight
11. Propaganda (Instrumental)
12. Trace
13. The Enigma of 1989
14. Mixture (Film Score, Part 1)
15. La Fin (Film Score, Part 2)
16. Propaganda
17. Ode To The Inventors
18. Random
19. Frost

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